中央美院微软设计挑战竞赛项目 CAFA Media Lab / Central Academy of Fine Arts / Beijing

(16 Votes)1. A virtual world for human behave like a rare wild animal, learning nature rules of each animal. 建立稀有动物虚拟世界,参与者象动物一样行为,学习它们的生存法则。

(13 Votes)2. Create a kung fu community in Second Life for learning Chinese Tai Chi or other martial art. 在secound life里面建立一个功夫社区用来传授太极或者其他中国武术。

(10 Votes)3. Dating & Relationship Simulations in Second Life. 在second life中建立约会或社交的模拟训练。

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Yeah, we have winners!

Now we need to break up into three teams to see who wants to work on each project. Let's get the teams together and an initial skeleton of a proposal (using the template I shared) in time for Friday.


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