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"Peasant workers" or"migrant workers" ?This is a problem!

Therefore, the word used in English words, but also should pay attention to the sense of propriety, be sure to carry derogatory. Especially in the foreign translation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the impact. Not to literally translated as "peasent worker" or "countryman worker". There is suspected of pursuing the apartheid system.

In English there is no "peasant workers" this is, some foreign media, a direct phonetic writing "mingong" or translated as "migrant" (transfer from). Of course, the English have some domestic media, such as China Daily, translated as "immigrant" (immigrants).

Translation at large, I still recommend "migrant worker" to such a view.

At china daily for the migrant worker in Translation

migrant [U.S.] [maɪgrənt] [British] [maigrənt]
• adjectives
1. Emigrate (especially referring to out of the territory) of; wandering
• noun
1. Migrants; Migrants
2. Migratory birds
3. With the transfer of the Seasonal migrant workers (or animal)

"Peasant workers" or"migrant workers" ?这是一个问题!

因此,在英语里用到这个词的话,也是要注意分寸的,请一定不能带有贬义。特别是在涉外翻译的过程中,更是要注意影响。不要直译为“peasent worker”或者“countryman worker”。有奉行种族隔离制度之嫌。

英语中没有“农民工”这种说法,一些外文媒体直接写作拼音“mingong”或者译为“migrant”(迁移者)。当然,还有一些国内英文媒体,如China Daily,译为“immigrant”(移民)。

在众多的翻译中,我还是推荐“migrant worker”这种说法。

在china daily中翻译为migrant worker

migrant [美] [ˈmaɪgrənt] [英] [ˈmaigrənt]
• 形容词
1. 移居(尤指移出国境)的;流浪的
• 名词
1. 移民;移居者
2. 候鸟
3. 随季节迁移的民工(或动物)

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