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Migrant workers are the unsung heroes of China's reform 农民工是中国改革的无名英雄

For over 20 years, migrant workers toil and sweat of labor and low wages, has become China's rapid economic growth in one of the most important factor, but they do benefit from this small town as if they built a magnificent high-rise blocks, eventually have to leave, to let others the so-called "city people" to reap the profits. More than 20 years, the first generation of migrant workers in the old tired slowly; a new generation of migrant workers or as the same as their parents, or the city's visitors are passing through, it would not wholeheartedly love this place is not home, are a guest , it will have on the city more or less, the resentment of social injustice, therefore, in the city, the damage will co-exist with the construction; because the city owned by people, with very little, apart from the life outside. Today, the society must have a stage under the crowd, still Zun Yan's NOT alive, they are forgotten by society it? Their Health or die, it is really a problem.

About 20 million migrant workers because of the financial crisis, losing their jobs or have not yet returned home to find work, accounting for the employment of migrant workers out of the total number of 15.3%. Plus annual new entrants to the ranks of peasant migrant workers, this year there were 25 million peasant greater job stress.

Agence France-Presse, a communication from Beijing to invoke the specialized study of Chinese migrant workers question the expert opinion report: "Say to promote Chinese migrant workers are the engine of economic growth is not excessive." Australia's Monash University economist Lacey Dole • Smith said: "The urban quality of life today than 30 years ago has been greatly improved, but if the efforts of migrant workers do not, they probably will not live so well."

From the "blind" to "workers" and "migrant workers", the peasant migrant brothers and their titles, has undergone a gradual upgrade process. However, commensurate with the title, the city that Road invisible visible policy barriers are also faced with the rapid removal of the urgency of reality.

"Amphibious migratory" type of migrant workers living at the bottom of town, a walk in the duplicate of the confused status between urban and rural areas. How to not let them "amphibious"? Migrant workers in the end named "agricultural" or the name "Public"? Migrant workers, by definition, are "peasant" and "workers" combination. Well, actually the surname of migrant workers "agricultural" or the surname "workers" do? It can be said that migrant workers are most concerned about a problem. Answer this question, must be from the ranks of migrant workers in their own development and changes go looking for.






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