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5. A virtual world for human behave like a rare wild animal, learning nature rules of each animal. 建立稀有动物虚拟世界,参与者象动物一样行为,学习它们的生存法则。

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like a rare wild animal?panda? or something else? how about giant salamander, but i can't find the pivotal relationship between amphibian and human being, why we need to learn from them, get inspiration for invention?
well, this idea makes me so confuse, could you please provide more details to let me confirm that if i learned the behave of animals, i can improve my QOL.
Sorry for the confusion, I guess the description isn't clear enough. I think the main purpose of this idea is to arise the awareness of protecting wild animals. Participants will not just learn animal's behavior, also understand their food chain, their enemies, the ideal environment for them to survive etc.
o, i see, thanks.
for children, i think pets system will be better,
Is the idea that I become, say, a Panda, and then I have to try to find bamboo? so that I get first-hand experience with the difficulties faced by endangered species? I think that is really interesting.
Yes, it would be something like what you described. We are hoping to build the food chain of this animals, so participants will be able to learn how would those animal survive in various aspect, like what to eat? where to find food? etc. Today we have had a very interesting discussion about this idea with a visitor from a non-profit organization that dedicated in protecting Tiger. This visitor is one of the founder of the organization and he is very interested in our project, because tiger plays a significant role in food chain and nature, his suggestion is to use tiger as the main animal, live with other animals that belong to tiger's food chain. What he would like to contribute is:
1. Get some scientists involve in this project. 2. Helping to get some funding for further development of this project. 3. Promote this project. You can find more about them from their website


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